Social Housing and Public Sector Job Ready Programme

Student Feedback

"I have done the Chartered Institute of Housing course though I learnt so much more useful practical knowledge on this course" (Winnie)

"A very good course overall. It enabled me to know my strengths and weaknesses. I really enjoyed the laid back atmosphere in which the course was done" (Clarence)

"I got a 23K job at Peabody and am so grateful to Taric - I would recommend this course to anyone looking for a proper job and career" (Rumana)

"The trainer used a very practical approach and gave a sense of purpose to the course. I will be glad to recommend it to family or friends. I feel fulfilled, confident, and satisfied having done this course" (Grace)

"The trainer is a very intelligent young man, who is ready to make sure you understand what you are doing. Keep it up Taric, I'll invite more of my friends" (Olanike)

"Mr Gravitas is very passionate, honest and really put all his mind and soul into making his students successfully get a job" (Karim)

"I really felt like a housing officer during this week. He really knows his stuff and makes each area relevant to your life" (Amada)

"Excellent training style and the best course I have been to, where I wanted to stay on for longer" (Iqball)

"Used real life issues which made it easy to understand what he taught. The support and motivation has been so great and encouraging" (Olumide)

"Somebody recommended me to do the course and I really enjoyed and benefited from it" (Melody)

"You are blessed!" (Toyin)

"More role playing exercises and educational games" (Carlene)

"The course has given me a real insight into social housing" (Leah)