Social Housing and Public Sector Job Ready Programme

Post Training Support & Job Brokerage

After the completion of a Gravitas Training course or induction programme, 3/6 months of structured post-training support and a comprehensive job brokerage service will be offered to each delegate through emails, 1to1 meetings, and telephone conferencing, which will help steer you into a good job:

  1. Suitable Permanent Housing Jobs, which require no experience of the housing sector, are identified and sent to you each month via email
  2. Full CV development including content & style, and several good CV templates forwarded to all GT students
  3. Once the CV is finalised, it will be submitted to leading selected social housing recruitment agencies for immediate temporary work opportunities
  4. You will receive support & guidance in developing effective Supporting Statements & Covering Letters which will secure short-listing for interviews and assessments.
  5. We will help GT students clearly highlight and amplify their relevant skills & experiences in order to develop effective examples for all generic, cultural, & technical competency areas - ultimately resulting in short-listing for interviews & assessments
  6. Expert support and guidance will be offered with interview skills, tips and questions likely to come up - with around 70% of questions predicted for most housing and customer service roles
  7. Voluntary work placements are available with 2 large Registered Social Landlord's (RSL's) in North London & East London, which we will help organise for you.