Social Housing and Public Sector Job Ready Programme

Business Clients

Below you will find a list of the benefits that Gravitas Training can impart to our business clients.

Registered Social Landlords (RSL) & Local Authorities(LA)

Gravitas Courses are closely designed and shaped by the RSL sector, for the RSL and social housing sector

Gravitas Training provides a single dedicated focus in housing management training without diluting our focus

GT will provide highly competitive recruitment solutions, with a range of "job - ready" students who have been fully trained and inducted in all of the core housing management areas in addition to cultural competencies and personal & workload management skills. This will help achieve cost savings for RSL's through staff induction costs saved.

GT will provide ready access to high calibre GT students seeking voluntary employment opportunities

Gravitas Training imparts up to date knowledge and skills in new & relatively specialised areas such as:

  1. The ASB Respect Agenda - Early Interventions, supporting and protecting the victims/witnesses & supporting the perpetrators
  2. Managing Regional & Sub Regional Nomination Agreements
  3. Effective Models of Tenant & Resident Participation
  4. Leasehold Management, Knowledge & Skills, is an area where the skills and experience has not kept apace with increasing numbers of leasehold properties being developed
  5. Excellence in Customer Care in Housing, with a firm focus on the practical & pragmatic application of these skills

Gravitas Training is in an effective position to identify & source the best applicants through large scale training programmes, similar to the model adopted by "The Housing Academy" (Genesis, MHT & Servite RSL) which Gravitas Trainers have been involved with.

There is clear scope to develop employment brokerage opportunities with RSL's and LA's to accommodate placements, pre-employment contracts, and fill suitable & available vacancies with 'work ready' applicants, sourced & identified through high quality training provision.

A natural progression from the above would be to develop service level agreements between RSL's & LA's for staff to be sourced, identified, trained, and delivered ready for work, on a fixed a regular basis.

Significant cost savings can be made by social landlords by employing the above model of training & recruitment, and avoiding initial training & recruitment costs.

Gravitas Trainers have a fresh, innovative & dynamic approach to training which will help foster a positive learning environment, with positive learning outcomes.

Gravitas training programmes can easily be designed for a range of clients including tenant & resident associations (TRA's) & social landlord tenants in general. Residents & TRA's will be trained in all housing management areas, helping establish the following:

  1. A firm understanding of each housing management area of work.
  2. Helping better manage tenant expectations by educating residents in a meaningful way with practical and pragmatic outcomes.
  3. Residents will develop an informed ability as to when and how to access the appropriate housing services required.
  4. Gravitas Training courses will enhance the employability prospects & work readiness for residents attending the course.

Gravitas Training is actively promoting and encouraging more applicants to consider housing as a viable & successful career pathway, at a critical juncture for the housing sector. This is at a time of significant change & flux, in addition to serious staffing & skills shortages, which are both current issues and a projected concern for the future.

Skills & Training Providers & Voluntary Sector

Gravitas Training can provide benefits for employability & skills providers with a depth of knowledge, expertise, and experience in the housing sector, which will be utilised to source & secure placements, pre-employment contracts and the opportunity to fill currently available vacancies.

Gravitas Training provides high quality training courses & programmes which will help achieve core outcomes and measures for publicly funded training providers, around outputs for interviews, employment secured, and employment maintained

Gravitas Training operates a joint referral process with Employment Solutions & Tower Hamlets College, to refer clients onto other more suitable courses including basic literacy & numeracy, and ESOL courses

The structure & benefits of any Gravitas Training services delivered with a skills & training provider will include: training & recruitment cost savings to the RSL/LA employer; and the successful employability outcomes & measures shared by the employability & skills agencies - with increased opportunities for placement and pre-employment contracts, to help deliver employability measures.

Gravitas Trainers have a fresh, innovative & dynamic approach to training, in addition to their largely BME status which will help foster a sense of positive re-enforcement for many of the delegates and key client groups attending

Gravitas Training is firmly in line with the current European, National, Regional, and Local strategic direction of travel with regard to employability & training initiatives

Working with Gravitas Training would involve working within a favourable environment where there is a great demand for housing professionals, allowing for increased prospects to secure RSL/LA placements, pre-employment contracts and job vacancies

Housing Sector Recruitment Agencies

Gravitas Trainers have a well rounded expertise in housing sector recruitment methods, processes and current recruitment strategies. As a result Gravitas Training can source and identify a good poole of applicants, trained to high & exacting standards, ready for temporary employment contracts in housing via recruitment agencies.

Gravitas Training courses are practical & pragmatic - designed to ensure delegates are fully work ready, by teaching delegates what they really need to know to get the job & maintain the job.

Gravitas Trainers have useful current contacts within the RSL sector, which will help aid both the delegates & recruitment agencies in sourcing & securing more jobs, and placements opportunities where appropriate.

Gravitas Training has a range of high quality, applicable & relevant housing induction programmes. These programmes can be delivered in-house, or at an external location for housing sector recruitment agencies & their registered clients