Social Housing and Public Sector Job Ready Programme

Supporting Statement Not CV'S

To apply for a permanent housing job you cannot apply with a CV – you will need to develop a full supporting statement/covering letter, which closely follows the competency framework and person speciation for the role.

The supporting statement is in many ways far more substantive and more useful than a CV during the job application process, and an area which is neglected or even omitted by many housing and statutory training course providers.

“Talk the Talk”

Some people can “talk the talk”, but effectively expressing their skills, knowledge, and experiences on paper, can often prove difficult and challenging. Others may be very good on paper, but find it difficult to articulate this when probed under pressure at interviews.

A Degree, a Masters, and a Housing Qualification, but Still No Job!!!

For most professional roles, ultimately it will not matter about how many qualifications you hold, or the depth of experiences and skills that you may have gained. It will all become irrelevant unless you can effectively communicate your skills, knowledge, and experiences, in writing, through effective supporting statements; covering letters; and CV’s; and in person through well rounded assessments and interviews.

Amplify Your Skills, Knowledge and Experiences

We work closely with all our clients to help construct effective and relevant supporting statements. We help our clients amplify their knowledge, skills, and experiences by developing succinct and engaging narratives, using pertinent examples based on each individuals professional, academic, and personal background – all of which helps secure short listing for permanent £18-30K+ job interviews.

Script for Interviews

The completed supporting statement provides a comprehensive, well refined, and well rehearsed script, covering a range of generic and technical competencies which will form the likely interview questions and assessments.