Social Housing and Public Sector Job Ready Programme

Is the Course Accredited or Recognised?

  • GT courses are non-accredited, which was a deliberate and bold departure by GT
  • The “leading” accredited housing courses on offer are overly theoretical & academic, expensive and lengthy, and ultimately not an essential requirement at entry level recruitment
  • The job itself relies far more heavily on excellent communication and problem solving skills, well rounded knowledge of housing issues, in addition to a range of other generic and core transferrable skills.
  • GT quality issues have been addressed by circumnavigating the accreditation of the courses and becoming accredited trainers with the main accreditation housing bodies of the Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) and City &Guilds, in addition to registering the GT courses with the UK Learn Direct course directory
  • Further to this, direct job outcomes with large RSL employers has helped achieve increasing gravitas and recognition for the quality and effectiveness of the course, and the GT course certification, which is equivalent to a CIH level 2-4 diploma or a Housing NVQ.