Social Housing and Public Sector Job Ready Programme

Will the Course Become Accredited in the Future?

Currently GT is not prepared to dilute our highly successful course structure, not even for the “leading” housing management course providers in the UK, and become accredited with them. They are equally reluctant to bend their course toward our current course structure. Discussions have taken place and are ongoing with Asset Skills, around the direction of travel for housing courses in the very near future, which will closely mirror the GT structure with greater emphasis on a vocational focus, rather than theoretical and academic approach currently taken by the “leading” course providers.

Further to this GT is currently in the final stages of an accreditation process with Open College Network (OCN), who are a leading diploma and vocational qualification provider, and are prepared to accredit the GT course based on its current structure. The new GT shaped and accredited courses are expected to be delivered from April 2011.