Social Housing and Public Sector Job Ready Programme

We Offer a "FREE" Taster Course to Address any Questions or Concerns, before you commit your time or money

GT claims it is one of the most effective social housing management courses in the UK, and GT is confident in putting this bold claim under the relevant scrutiny and challenge, and does so on a regular basis by offering FREE taster courses for clients to decide for themselves. This has proved to be a major success in addressing any concerns or questions that clients may have in a transparent manner, before they commit their time and money.

The taster course will also help you scrutinise and establish our capacity, experience, and expertise, in addition to providing you with the assurance in our ability to help you secure a good quality job - before you commit your time and money.

If you do not think we can help, simply walk away as there is absolutely no commitment for you to stay or pay. This honest and refreshing approach has set us apart from the often false and misleading guarantees of jobs and work placements offered by many unscrupulous and dishonest training providers.